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We endorse, support, and advise Political Candidates and Political Action Committees with Biblical values.

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We Can Keep It is a Political Action Committee that endorses, supports, and advises Political Candidates and Political Action Committees. Individuals / Groups we support will define and lead on areas of importance to Bible Believers. It is our belief that Christians should be actively engaged citizens in order to maintain a safe, just, compassionate and responsible society where individual liberty flourishes. We resist contemporary culture and the “package deals'' political parties seek to impose on adherents. Specifically, this means we will support those that believe the following:God created the family to be the foundation of civilization. As the family goes, so goes the culture. We will support candidates that remain avowedly focused on strengthening the family-based upon biblical principles. These views include marriage (man and woman), sex outside of marriage (promoting abstinence vs. promoting birth control), protecting life (protecting life of the unborn), liberty, and forgiveness (addressing the mass incarceration issue).Candidates and PACs we work alongside agree with the following beliefs. These beliefs and principles will serve as the foundation for decisions and behavior including votes, speeches, and debates.

Candidate Belief Statement

All candidates we endorse agree to the following

  • Faith - there is One God and the only way to Heaven is accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior.

  • Religious Liberty - there should be no national religion or governmental control of religion. Government should not be able to control churches (tax, mandate closure, determine meeting places), decide doctrines, decide who their personnel would be, and so forth.

  • Pro-Life - abortion is the murder of the unborn

  • Traditional Marriage - marriage is between a man and a woman

  • Gender Sanity - there are two genders

  • Patriotism - the United States is the Greatest Country in the history of mankind. The Constitution and the Republican Democracy established is the foremost idea of self-government in history and everything in our power should be done to protect it.

Candidate Values

All candidates we endorse demonstrate the following

  • Good Judgement - uses reason and impartiality to understand issues and sides with truth

  • Solid Character - proven reputation of integrity and honesty

  • Clear Vision - policy plan and political positions are clear with no hidden agenda

  • Biblical Values - political and personal views align with the Holy Bible

  • Dynamic Leadership - capable of influencing people and leading teams

Pol. Adv. Paid for by We Can Keep It PAC - Asher Gillaspie, Treasurer The Great State of Texas